Stephen Curry's Wife Ayesha Tackles Misconceptions About Christianity As She Launches New Cookbook, 'The Seasoned Life'

Ayesha Curry holds a copy of her new cookbook 'The Seasoned Life.'(Facebook/Ayesha Curry)

NBA star Steph Curry's wife Ayesha is making a name for herself as a savvy cook. The Christian wife has authored her own cookbook called "The Seasoned Life" and now has plans to host her own cooking show for the Food Network.

It's thrilling for Curry to build her own food empire, and she plans on using this platform to share her Christian faith. "When Steph decided to play basketball, I had the same conversation with him that he had with me. 'Whatever you do, do it well, but do it for God,'" Curry shares with The Christian Post. "I think that's what has kept us grounded. When I started my blog called 'Little Lights of Mine,' my whole goal was to do the things I wanted to do, but all while being a light for Him."

Some people might get turned off by Curry's outward declaration of her Christian faith, but she explains that she's not out to preach to anyone. She also has no plans of being judgmental or critical of other people's lifestyles.

"I feel like Christianity gets very misconstrued sometimes. People don't realise that every day is a normal day just like anybody else but we're just trying to improve everyday," she explains. "It's not about putting anybody down or telling anybody they're wrong. It's more about trying to do what's right for your own self."

Personally, Curry faced a lot of detractors while she was busy trying to build her food empire. But instead of getting upset over their criticism, she chose to focus on God instead.

"Remember who we're representing," she says. "Obviously we all sin and we're going to have moments when we're not 100 percent ourselves. But the Bible says come as you are, and so I think that's important to remember through it all."

Curry hopes other Christians who are out chasing their dreams would follow suit. It's important for them to stay true to their faith because God always knows what's best in a person's life.

"When you're really focused on God and your relationship with God and being very open and honest with yourself, you can talk to Him whenever you want," says Curry. "Keep pushing forward. It always seems like you may think you know what's right for you, but [God] truly knows what's right for you."