'Star Control II' news: Game's direct sequel announced after 25 years

Two of the original creators of "Star Control II" after 25 years.Dogar and Kazon official blog

A belated sequel has yet again come out of stasis, as "Ghost of the Precursors," the direct sequel to "Star Control II," has just been announced by the same creators after 25 years.

Fred Ford and Paul Reiche, developers of "Star Control II" have recently announced on their blog that the sequel for the classic "Spacewar!"-style action game is now in the works. This was after popular fan demands that the two have been experiencing for over 25 years after the release of the predecessor.

"Pretty much ever since then, fans have been politely asking us to create a sequel, sometimes begging for a sequel, even threatening us if we don't make a sequel. Our answer was always, 'We really want to do this, we just need to wait until the time is right...' Well, the stars have finally aligned," says Ford and Reiche.

The two developers stressed that the sequel is still in its infancy phase of development, but rest assured, it will contain races from the predecessor game, such as Ur-Quan, Precursors, Super-Melee, Umgah, and more. All these will be available for the players to discover, befriend, or annihilate.

For those who have forgotten or are unfamiliar with the title, "Star Control II" was once an iconic PC game back when it debuted for the Microsoft DOS in 1992. It was the second game in the "Star Control" franchise and was developed by Toys for Bob and published by Accolade. Since then, the license for the game has changed hands several times until Stardock, developer of space real-time strategy (RTS) game "Sins of a Solar Empire" acquired it.

Brad Wardell President, and CEO of Stardock, despite owning the license for "Star Control," has voiced out his enthusiasm in supporting Ford and Reiche for the canon follow-up for the franchise. Wardell even gave the two permission to use aliens from the "Star Control" franchise for "Ghost of the Precursors" despite the sequel being an independent effort.

"Ghost of the Precursors" is still early in the development stage and does not have a release date, pricing info, or platform yet. Fans eager for the overdue sequel may need to wait indefinitely for future developer announcements.