'SNL' skit forces Christian to proclaim that God is gay

Christian baker Beth Walsh is troubled by the request made by a homosexual couple to bake their wedding cake in this 'SNL' skit 'God is a Boob Man.'(YouTube Screenshot/SNL)

The comedy show "Saturday Night Live" took a swipe against Christianity when it featured a skit called "God Is A Boob Man," which mocked the decision made by Christian business owners to turn down their services for same-sex couples because homosexuality and same-sex marriages run contrary to their faith.

The segment featured comedienne Vanessa Bayer, who plays small-town baker Beth Walsh, according to Christian News. A man entered Walsh's bakery and requested for a wedding cake, so she replied, "Of course. Where's the lucky bride?"

The man turned to his male partner then responded, "He's right here. Now make the cake."

A voiceover then said, "They wanted her to spit the face of God," while the angry man kept telling the troubled Walsh, "I said make the cake!"

In the end, Walsh said that she cannot accommodate their order and the man threatened her, "You'll be hearing from our Jewish lawyer."

Things get even worse for Walsh when the attorney arrives, because the Christian bakery owner is forced to tell a lie. "My clients just need you to say three simple words," the attorney said. "God is gay."

"But He's not gay," Walsh answered back. "God is as straight as they come."

"Then I guess we'll be seeing you in court," the attorney icily replied.

Walsh's troubles escalate in court because she was told to "prove once and for all that God is straight." Despite repeated attempts from the court for Walsh to say God is gay, she refused to do so and even argued, "If God is gay, then why aren't there any gay priests?"

The court then gave Walsh one last chance to say God is gay, but instead, Walsh declared, "God is a boob man!"

The video has received over three million views on YouTube, with viewers providing mixed reactions. "I just want to say I'm Christian... and as much as I try to find this bad, I just can't! Its so hilarious!" someone commented.

"Isn't it interesting when people defend God and base things off of His word, everybody gets upset and offended and wants to fight or go against it, but when someone makes fun of Christianity and mocks God, people love it get a rise and laugh?" another questioned.