'Sister Wives' season 6 spoilers: new episodes to focus on family fighting legal system regarding polygamy

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Season 5 of "Sister Wives" ended on a shocking note when Meri Barber, the only legal wife of patriarch Kody Brown, approached her attorney to file for a divorce. Fans were heartbroken but it turned out that it wasn't because of an issue with Kody — Meri was divorcing him so he could marry his youngest wife, Robyn Sullivan. 

The choice to let Kody marry Robyn was made so that he could legally adopt her three children, all of whom were born prior to her relationship with Kody. However, as heartfelt this gesture was on Meri's part, it also spells doom for her appearance in the show. According to a report from IBTimes, Meri might leave the show to continue pursuing her studies. 

According to a report from Day Herald, the majority of season 6 may delve into the divorce of Kody and Meri, the marriage between Kody and Robyn, and Robyn's legal battle with her ex-husband regarding the custody of their children. 

Kody is already in deep waters as he still has to face the Utah anti-polygamy law. But according to the Brown patriarch, he hasn't broken any laws since he hasn't legally married anyone other than Meri Barber. Robyn, Janelle, and Christine were all "spiritually" married to him but were never taken into legal documentation. 

A report from the IBTimes indicates that Kody might actually leave the polygamous lifestyle now that he has a chance to legally marry Robyn.

The report cites a statement from Janelle who said, "You'll start favoring Robyn," when she first heard the news of Meri filing for divorce to give Robyn and her kids a chance with Kody. 

The report continues to explain that Kody is already spending more time with his youngest son and may pour all of his attention on Robyn until it gets to a point where the two would live a regular, monogamous lifestyle.