'The Sims 4: Get Together' DLC release date: Expansion pack to roll out this November

The Sims 4: Get TogetherEA, Maxis

"The Sims 4" currently has had a lot of minor content packs but only one expansion, "Get to Work." That is about to change with the arrival of the "Get Together" DLC which is scheduled to be released this November. "Get Together" introduces the new locale Windenburg and more social partying activities.

Windenburg is described as a European-inspired World hub that focuses on giving the player more social interaction activities. The key new feature is the introduction of different Clubs. The game will come packaged with a few built-in Clubs but gamers can create their own that will sport their own behaviors and styles. 

Characters can play a game of foosball, use the new Walk-in-Closet for a quick change of clothes or even for a quick but intimate WooHoo moment, and spend time at Windenburg's natural pools. As the title suggests, a main aspect of the expansion is all about social interaction which is where the Clubs and two new skillsets come in.

The two new skillsets are the Dancing and DJing skills. While Dancing will only help player Sims socialize with their peers, DJing can be used to both boost the player's own Club and raise popularity among friends. It is unclear at this point if there will be additional skillsets offered when the expansion is released.

Partying isn't limited to the Clubs and pubs. The promotional trailer reveals that players can party anywhere, even in the ancient ruins of Windenburg. There is also an Underground Disco and players can even build their own bonfire to start a party anywhere they want. They can even sneak away to the bushes for another WooHoo session with a new friend.

No specific release date for the expansion pack has been announced thus far but the game is already up for pre-orders. The expansion DLC is currently listed for $49.90 for both PC and Mac.