She's back! Vicar (or should that be bishop?) of Dibley returns

Beloved TV vicar Geraldine Granger is due back on our screens on March 13 in aid of Comic Relief. Dawn French will once again star as the Vicar of Dibley in an episode inspired by the Church of England's recent decision to allow women Bishops. In the show, French will take on some of Britain's biggest female comedians in her quest to be named Bishop of Dibley.

As we await some new hilarity from Geraldine and her friends, here are five of our favourite Vicar of Dibley moments:

1. Owen Newitt, played by the late Richard Lloyd-Pack, is surprised to discover the new vicar is a woman.

2. Geraldine explains to her parishioners why the Christmas story really is the greatest story ever told – yes, even better than Beatrix Potter's.

3. The vicar is head-over-heels for Johnny Depp in the 1999 Comic Relief special. 

4. Geraldine goes on a romantic walk with her boyfriend, but a giant puddle somewhat ruins things.

5. It seems the vicar and David Houghton are about to get married, but Sean Bean turns up just in time.