'Seven Year Switch' TV show news: campaign to cancel show


Earlier this month, FYI premiered its new reality show titled "Seven Year Switch," in which the network attempts to rescue marriages by trying a two-week spouse switch for wedded couples. In the eight-episode series, four couples who are "at a crossroads in their relationship" get the chance to live — and sleep next to — a new partner. The show's concept had individuals raging against it on social media and a concerned group calling for its immediate cancellation, fearing that it promotes infidelity. 

The show, which was first announced on Deadline back in April, sparked a lot of comments questioning the network's choice to air the show. Many commenters on the website were aghast at the show's concept. One wrote, "People are lost, just lost in every sense of the word," while another lamented how people's perception of what makes acceptable entertainment has completely changed, saying, "I feel sorry for my kids and future grandkids." 

Calling for the show's cancellation is One Million Moms, an online group whose goal is to stop the exploitation of children, especially by the entertainment industry. In their petition, they are calling for people to contact FYI to encourage the network to drop the show, saying that the series "makes a mockery of marriage." 

Last month, the Parents Television Council, a non-partisan organization advocating responsible entertainment, also called on A&E (who owns FYI) to offer a refund to cable subscribers who do not want to subsidize its FYI network because of its decision to air "Seven Year Switch." 

In a statement, PTC President Tim Winter said that the program, which "will be marketed to and rated as appropriate for children, is yet another desperate attempt by a behemoth-owned basic cable network … to gain some sort of public awareness at any cost to its dignity and without regard to the impact on our society, our children, and our culture." 

Meanwhile, Variety notes that the show's set-up is "completely artificial" since the switched up couples are made to go on activities which do not depict what a real couple's life is all about. The website notes that at its best, the show does allow viewers to understand the emotions of those who are struggling in their marriage, but it also questions whether the pairings will strengthen a marriage or cause it to break apart completely.