'Scandal' season 5 episode 17 spoilers: Liv does something unthinkable in 'Thwack'

Olivia will shock the world in "Scandal: season 5 episode 17.ABC

"Scandal" season 5, episode 17, titled "Thwack," promises to deliver a new round of "holy twist moments" that are sure to shock fans of the beloved drama.

To give viewers an idea of what these bombshells will be like, a "Scandal" season 5, episode 17 promo harks back to the time President Fitz was shot and Olivia was abducted by a mysterious organization.

This means that this "Scandal" season 5 episode will bring in a shocker or two that are as big as those twists, which means that viewers are in for a treat. Fans surmise that either murder or more betrayal will happen.

The rest of the "Scandal" season 5 promo shows a seething Olivia charging into an office to confront someone.

"Revenge... I've got a taste for it too," she tells an unseen individual who has white hair.

Speculations have it that the person confronted by Liv in the promo is Hollis. With the fixer billed to "shock the world," fans surmise that Olivia will put Hollis in crosshairs.

The "Scandal" season 5 episode sees the presidential elections at top gear, and with each of the candidates' skeletons in the closet threatened to be exposed, unlikely alliances are forged.

The synopsis for "Scandal" season 5, episode 17 hints that a potential leak puts the candidacy of several presidential aspirants on the line. This pushes the affected parties to team up and make sure the secret won't kick them out of the running.

"Boundaries are pushed and lines are crossed as we find out just how far some people are willing to go to protect themselves," a part of the synopsis reads.

Meanwhile, there are rumors that Mellie and Marcus will share an intimate moment in this "Scandal" episode. In episode 16, the Marcus gave the former a major boost with a very convincing pep talk. Whether this will lead to something more remains to be seen.

"Scandal" season 5 episode 17 "Thwack" airs April 7 at 9pm ET on ABC.