Satanist Sent to Destroy Church Can't Resist God's Power, Ends Up Embracing Jesus Instead


A Satanist was ordered by his group to destroy a church but found himself unable to resist the power of God. He ended up receiving "Jesus Christ as his Saviour" instead, the Mission Network News (MNN) reported.

The incident happened in Iquitos, Peru and was relayed to Helen Williams of World Missionary Press.

Williams told MNN that she received an email from their partner in Peru last Sunday, telling her that a "man almost ran to the front of the church to give his heart to Jesus" after he tried to destroy the church in the Peruvian town.

"It's a tremendous testimony to the power of the Word and the faithfulness of those who continue to give it and preach in the face of the enemy," Williams added.

The man told church leaders that he could not return anymore to the group of Satanists after having failed in his assigned mission. He was then allowed to take take shelter in the church's safe house.

After the Satanist cult had left the city, the man sought to learn more about Jesus and to start a new life as a Christian.

Williams said the city of Iquitos draws thousands of visitors every year for its so-called "spiritual tourism." Thousands flock to the city's jungle village seeking encounters with spirits and to partake of a dangerous drink called ayahuasca.

While ayahuasca is a relatively "new" drink, the witchcraft associated with it goes way back, according to a 2013 blog by Christian missionary Scott Doherty.

"Whether poor or rich, uneducated or educated, young or old, almost everyone has used witchcraft at some point...The reality is that witchcraft and the occult is greatly manifested in Peru," Doherty said.

But the dark magic that's prevalent in Iquitos is nothing compared to the power of Christ.

Williams said the church in the Peruvian city has been healing or helping people heal from past traumas and "opening doors to those who are struggling."

She said the church welcomes all sorts of people, including "women who've been abused, or orphans, or young people with no place else to go except to wander the streets."

Williams said the Iquitos church they have partnered with takes hurting people in and offers them the hope of the Gospel.

"That's what's worked there, and what works around the world, because people are needy and Christ is the answer for that need," she said.