Satan 'encouraged' Charles Darwin to conceive evolution theory — Ben Carson

'A Venerable Orang-outang,' a caricature of Charles Darwin as an ape published in The Hornet, a satirical magazine, on March 22, 1871.(Wikipedia)

For Republican presidential candidate Ben Carson, the theory of evolution espoused by geologist Charles Darwin was not driven by science. It was "encouraged" by Satan himself.

Reviving a speech he made before the 2011 Celebration of Creation conference at Australia's Avondale College, the retired neurosurgeon pointed out that unlike some scientists, Darwin did not believe in God.

"A lot of people believe in God, but I personally believe that this theory that Darwin came up with was something that was encouraged by the adversary [Satan]," Carson said in his speech, as quoted by CNS News.

"And it has become what is scientifically politically correct. Amazingly, there are a significant number of scientists who do not believe it but they're afraid to say anything," he added.

Carson said not all scientific theories are evil. In fact, he praised Albert Einstein's theory as a "relatively modern science concept."

"You know, scientists like Sir Isaac Newton – considered one of the most scientific minds ever, inventor of calculus, so many things – had a strong belief in God, big mission outreach," Carson said.

"Einstein! When you think about genius, what is the word you come up with? Einstein. He believed in God," he added.

The Republican presidential hopeful further said that he plans to publish a book called "The Organ of Species"—a direct reference to Darwin's "The Origin of Species"—to disprove the evolution theory.

"We're going to talk about the organs of the body and how they completely refute evolution, and several other things as well," the retired neurosurgeon said.

In the same speech, Carson also said that he believes that God created the world in six literal days.

"I'm not a hard and fast person who says the Earth is only 6,000 years old, but I do believe in the six-day creation," he said.

"It doesn't say when He created them except for, 'In the beginning.' The Earth could have been here for a long time before he started creating things on it," Carson added, referring to the Holy Bible's Book of Genesis.