Samsung S9 specs and rumors: To feature high-quality camera that can capture 1000 FPS

The promotional poster for the flagship mobile device line of Samsung, the Galaxy series.Facebook/SamsungMobile

The Samsung Galaxy S9 could be seeing a potential release in January next year. With the iPhone having just released their new hand held devices, technology savants are already wondering what can be expected in Samsung's successors to their flagship mobile devices. Recently, the biggest buzz revolves around the camera capabilities of the S9.

According to South Korean technology publication, ETnews, the S9 is aiming to achieve total innovation with their upcoming mobile cameras. The goal is for the S9 to have the capacity to take videos at 1000 frame per second (FPS), which is very high-quality motion capture that makes professional cameras quite pricey. Having said that, this could open up new options for streaming and video editing all at the palm of people's hands.

However, this is not entirely new technology. According to Gizbot, the phones from Sony, which are the Xperia XZ Premium and Xperia XZ1, already have that technology and it is likely that the S9 will be making use of the same technology that Sony has already implemented on their own devices. If that is the case, then the S9 will feature the same 3-layer CMOS image sensor with a dedicated dynamic access memory to capture high-definition video at 1000 FPS.

Another notable speculation about the Samsung Galaxy S9 is that it may come with a rear-facing dual camera similar to that of the Note 8. It will be equipped with the Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 and 6 GB of random access memory. Apart from all of these specifications, the phone will not have too much of new features compared to the S8. However, it is safe to say that news might change as the event of the gadgets' unveiling draws closer.

It is expected that the unveiling press conference by Samsung will occur sometime in January, 2018.