Samsung Galaxy S8 release date rumor: Galaxy S7 successor rumored to have 4K foldable screen, iris scanner

The Samsung Galaxy S8 will reportedly be very different from its predecessor, the Samsung Galaxy S7.Samsung USA

Samsung is known to stay one step ahead of the pack, and with the success of the Galaxy S7, the company will now try to offer more with its next phone, the Galaxy S8. The community is now speculating that the future phone may contain a foldable screen that offers a 4K resolution and, since fingerprint scanner is now common, the company will replace it with an iris scanner.

A better processor is definitely at the top of the list. Currently, it is still the Snapdragon 820 as the most powerful processor, but it may not be anymore in just a matter of months or a year from now. RAM may range between 4GB and 8GB. Internal storage options may still be like the current ones, at 32GB, 64GB and 128GB, but the phone is said to be using a more advanced chip that can offer faster read/write speeds, adding to a faster performance.

Various reports say the Samsung Galaxy S8 may be a 5.2-inch device and could offer a 4K display resolution that may be foldable as well. This technology was rumored earlier.

Additionally, the South Korean tech giant is speculated to feature an AMOLED type screen and 5G network capability and house an 18MP camera that contains different camera improvements. Camera improvements may include dual-pixel technology, which offers excellent picture quality in low-light conditions, and a larger aperture size lens.

Battery life is also expected to improve, along with the other components of the phone.

The Samsung Galaxy S8 may have a full metal body and better audio technology and most probably will be IP 68-certified. It is rumored to arrive in September 2017.