Galaxy S6 release date: New smartphone to show off ultra-fast WiFi feature

Samsung Galaxy S5[Photo credit: Samsung]

Latest rumors claim that the Samsung Galaxy S6 will feature ultra-fast WiFi that will increase the connection speed of the smartphone.

Samsung may pave the way in closing the gap between wired and Wi-Fi connection on mobile devices. Currently, of course, wired connection is faster than Wi-Fi connection since electric currents travel faster in wires than on air.

Samsung proudly announced that it has come up with Wi-Fi Alliance's 802.11ad standard dubbed as WiGig that works on the 60 GHz frequency band. The new WiFi standard will enable data transmission speeds of up to 4.6 Gbps or 575 MB per second, which is five times faster than the current maximum Wi-Fi standard in mobile devices. For example, one can download a 1 GB HD movie in less than three seconds.

The 60 GHz Wi-Fi standard is not a new concept. The technology was announced by the Wi-Fi Alliance late last year. Samsung stepped up to overcome the drawbacks brought about by the new technology. One of the barriers of the Wi-Fi standard is that its short millimeter waves do not travel through physical obstructions and travels only in short-range distances.

The South Korean tech company found a way to overcome these problems. Samsung developed a new modem technology and a wide-coverage beam-forming antenna. Moreover, it managed to improve the signal quality by coming up with the world's first micro beam-forming control technology. With these, obstructions are no longer an issue.

The new 60 GHz Wi-Fi standard is rumored to come to the forthcoming Samsung Galaxy S6. Previous reports said that Samsung Galaxy S6 release date will happen early next year. Based on the traditional calendar launch of the Samsung Galaxy S, the smartphone will be likely announced in February 2015 and will be available in March or April.

The Samsung Galaxy S6 is rumored to pack a larger screen display and a more durable metal casing. The device will most likely have upgraded features such as a more powerful processor, a new mobile operating system, and better camera.