Sadie Robertson to release new prom dress line with Sherri Hill

Sadie Robertson Live Original by Sherri Hill prom dress(Sadie Robertson/Instagram)

Reality star Sadie Robertson's prom dress line may be appearing in retail stores soon.

The teen debuted the "Sadie Robertson Live Original by Sherri Hill" line during New York Fashion Week 2013, and it appears more dresses may be available for purchase by the 2015 prom season.

"OMG YALL I HAVE NEW PROM DRESS LINE COMING OUT WITH SHERRI HILL YAYYYYYYY @sherrihill" Robertson wrote on Instagram Tuesday. She also included a picture of herself in a mint and white prom dresses wearing roller skates.

The "Dancing with the Stars" favourite has previously insisted that all of the dresses in the "Live Original" line will meet her father, Willie's, high standards.

"Me and my mother and my grandma went to Sherri Hill's place and we all picked out 'daddy-approved' length," Sadie told FOX & Friends last year. "She also added a couple inches to some that we loved but weren't modest."

In Robertson's new book, also entitled "Live Original," she discussed the joy of appearing in a NYFW fashion show, and also disappointment in how the models treated her backstage.

The 17-year-old said she greeted the models with a "Hey, y'all," but "many of them did not say a single word back to me.

"They just looked at me like they had icicles in their eyes. Without using words, they sent me a strong message: 'What are you doing here?'"

Robertson also criticised the models' appearance.

"To me, they all looked about six feet tall and were super skinny," she wrote. "They were pretty obsessed with their weight, so instead of having snacks or treats, they smoked cigarettes and drank coffee... They were quiet, and they seemed either sad or kind of angry."

The then-16-year-old said she took the cold reception in her stride, however.

"I could have totally lost it over the comments people made and the icy looks they gave me," she explained. "But I didn't. God had been training me all my be strong and confident."

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