Sadie Robertson on brother John Luke's graduation: I can't wait to see where God takes you next

The Robertson siblings Sadie and John Luke enjoy a fun moment.(Instagram/Sadie Robertson)

Apart from her boyfriend Blake Coward, it seems like the young Sadie Robertson adores sharing pictures of her brother John Luke, and this time, she is using her social media account to congratulate him on his graduation.

On one of her recent Instagram posts, Sadie shared a photo of her jumping mid-air with John Luke on the ground trying to catch her. The reality star wrote: "I can't believe @young_and_beardless is graduating today. School has been so much fun following your lead. You came in clutch night after night helping me figure out math problems, English papers, and just helping me become a better person."

Just as the photo shows, Sadie appreciates the fact that John Luke has always been there for her, and she said, "Thanks for always catching me when I fall brother. I can't wait to see where God takes you next."

She and the whole Robertson family are pretty excited for John Luke's wedding to Mary Kate McEacharn this summer.

"Things are coming along," Sadie's mum Korie told FOX411. However, Korie admitted that the family is still having problems deciding who to invite. "The hardest part is figuring out the invite list," she said. "We've got big families."

Sadie's dad Willie, on the other hand, may just embarrass John Luke, Sadie, and the rest of his kids during the big day. "I embarrass them a lot. I embarrass the heck out of them but that's kind of my job," he said. "It's fun playing that role."

Despite his knack for putting his kids on the spot, Willie believes that their grandfather Phil is much worse. But he is proud that all of the Robertson kids know how to take everything in stride.

"We've taught them to laugh at themselves, and we can certainly laugh at ourselves," said Willie.