Sadie Robertson joins the 'Love is Project' lifting Kenyan women and their families out of poverty

(Love is Project)

Duck Dynasty's Sadie Robertson shared a picture on her Instagram proudly showing off a 'Love is Project' wristband.  

The 'Love is Project' is the idea of LIFE Line, which started in 2008 to support a small group of mothers in Kenya who were shunned because their children had special needs.  

The simple project taught them to sew as a way of making money to care for their families and send their children to school.  

The LOVE Bracelet is made by Maasai mothers and buyers are encouraged to share pictures and messages about what love means to them using the hashtag #loveisproject.

LIFE Line launched a modest Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign to raise $5,000 to buy materials to continue the production of the bracelets. 

Donations can be as little as $1 but those who give more will also get more back.  For $25, donors will receive a first edition LOVE Bracelet and digital holiday card.  For $100, LIFE Line is offering a digital LOVE Book, two first edition LOVE Bracelets, a handwritten letter from a LIFE Line Mum in Kenya and digital holiday cards. 

And if donors want to dig a little deeper into their pockets and donate $5,000, they can meet the LIFE Line Mums in Kenya and see the production line from start to finish, including a trip to Nairobi to see the leather finishing details, and another trip to Maai Mahiu for the final packaging and quality control.  

Robertson posted a picture of herself wearing her band to Instagram.  Explaining what love means to her alongside the black and white photo, she shared that God loves all but in her view, some people don't receive it.

"To me, LOVE is something that everyone has but not everyone accepts it. God is love and loves all, but sadly we don't always accept it," she said.