Sadie Robertson breakup with boyfriend Blake Coward: April Fool's prank or for real?

This photo of Sadie Robertson and Blake Coward taken on March 6 had Sadie gushing about 'the most handsome man EVER.'(Instagram/Sadie Robertson)

The fans of "Duck Dynasty" teenage star Sadie Robertson are hoping that the news of her breakup with longtime boyfriend Blake Coward is nothing but a cruel April Fool's prank.

However, several news outlets have confirmed the split.

A rep from the Robertson family has told both Us Magazine and InTouch Weekly that Sadie broke up with Coward "a few weeks ago." No reason has been cited for their break-up.

Despite news of their split, the "Live Original" teenager still has not removed photos of her former beau from her Instagram account (@legitsadierob). The latest photo she shared with him was taken on March 9.

"It's a good morning when you wake up, and have a FaceTime date with your handsome boyfriend and get to watch a @stevenfurtick sermon together before even getting out of bed," the reality star captioned the photo.

Many fans actually thought that wedding bells are in store for Sadie and Coward. When she earlier shared a simple photo of her sharing a smooch with Coward while holding up the wedding bouquet she just caught, rumours of her engagement started circulating.

When Yahoo! asked Sadie about it, she said she "posted that picture so innocently" that she was quite surprised by people's reactions.

"I get home and my mom is like, 'Oh my gosh! Sadie, I cannot believe you posted that. Are you about to get married? Why would you post that?'" she laughingly shared. "I was like, 'I caught the bouquet! Of course I'm gonna post it!"

Sadie added that she is not planning to get married anytime soon, but she did tell ET that she is certain Coward is "the one." She also confessed that there are certain challenges that she and Coward have to get past first before seriously considering marriage.

"We've been long-distance our whole relationship, for two years, which is hard," she shared. "So we're always like, 'Oh, I can't wait until we're finally just married and we get to be in the same place.' So that's just fun to talk about, but nothing serious."