Russell Moore compares Donald Trump to the 'golden calf' in the Bible that Israelites wrongly worshipped

Russell Moore says Donald Trump's political plan 'would be hilarious if it weren't so counter to the mission of the gospel of Jesus Christ.'(

Southern Baptist Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission president Russell Moore is not a fan of Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump. After hearing the business magnate speak at Liberty University on Monday, he decided to dress down the presidential hopeful on social media.

When Trump announced that there was a "record" crowd who wanted to hear him speak at the Virginia university, Moore tweeted that his statement was "absolutely unbelievable," according to Raw Story.

During his speech, Trump made the crowd laugh when he referred to 2 Corinthians 3:15 as "two Corinthians" instead of correctly saying "second Corinthians." The verse read: "Where the spirit of the Lord is, there is liberty," and Trump said that the Bible passage is "the whole ballgame."

But Moore is not buying Trump's proclamations, saying: "Winning at politics while losing the gospel is not a win."

He then added, "Politics driving the gospel rather than the other way around is the third temptation of Christ. He overcame it. Will we?"

Some students also got upset when Trump used mild profanity during his address, since cursing is not allowed at Liberty. However, he drew a lot of cheers when he promised to "knock the hell out of ISIS."

Moore said he does not think that Trump's presidential plans coincide with God's plans. He even said that Trump's plans "would be hilarious if it weren't so counter to the mission of the gospel of Jesus Christ."

Knowing Trump's failed marriages, Moore said that if the business billionaire only managed to preserve his first marriage, then he would have considered him a true success. "Being faithful to the wife of one's youth is succeeding in real life," he said.

For Moore, all Trump represents is the "golden calf" which Moses' brother Aaron made for the Israelites while they waited for Moses to receive the Ten Commandments from God on Mount Sinai.

"Evangelicals can love a golden calf, as long as Aaron promises to make Mexico pay for it," he tweeted.