Russell Brand says first month as a Christian has been 'beautiful'

Russell Brand, once the face of raucous behaviour, recently embraced the Christian faith after saying his old life left him feeling empty.(Photo: TikTok)

Russell Brand has called his first month as a Christian "beautiful" and a "big change".

The actor and comedian, who is facing serious sexual misconduct allegations, shared his thoughts with his social media followers following his baptism last month. 

The 48 year old was baptised in the River Thames after exploring Christianity for several months. He was assisted in his baptism by TV presenter and adventurer Bear Grylls. 

In a TikTok video Brand said he was "learning" a lot and still had so much more to learn but that the journey so far had been "beautiful". 

"I've been a Christian a month now, and it's been a big change," he said. 

"Not that I've entirely changed as a person. Of course, I haven't, but I've taken on a lot of new concepts, and it changes you to accept that it's not like you're in a game show, and by doing really, really good things, you can get redeemed."

He reflected on what repentance means to him and how he feels like he is in a "battle" with himself but can also receive mercy and love through Jesus. 

"Repentance, to repent, means that you have to continually change and acknowledge that I am in a battle against myself, that I need to surrender myself to an ever-present, internal and accessible Jesus, that mercy is something that's given to me, been granted to me, that I live with through love, not something that I can sort of win or achieve by doing good deeds," he said.

Despite this struggle, he said he felt like there was an "inner illumination" guiding him now whenever he feels "in doubt" or like he is "being selfish or inconsiderate or putting myself first or not thinking about how I can be better to other people". 

He then said that he loved the "simplicity" of the Christian faith and God coming to earth as a man and sacrificing himself "because that's the only sacrifice that could bring us home, that could give us the opportunity for redemption".

"I like the idea, when I'm in prayer and in communion, just alone, that there is a figure available, wounded and coronated, available to me. In my failings and my failures and in my fallibility, there is strength," Brand said.