Roma Downey to host new faith-based show 'Answered Prayers'

Roma Downey(Twitter)

Christian actress-turned-producer Roma Downey is all set to host a new faith-based show for TLC called "Answered Prayers," which seeks to strengthen viewers' spiritual connection with God by exploring "modern-day miracles."

The series will have six parts, according to its press release, which will feature "stories of people in life-threatening situations who have experienced moments so inexplicable, so incredible that they can only be described as divine intervention."

Its premiere episode will introduce the amazing stories of two families. One is about a mother in Indiana who heard the voice of God instructing her to prepare for a natural disaster and protect her children. Heeding the voice she heard, she, her husband and their children hid in a closet just moments before a tornado struck their home, hurling it hundreds of feet high into the air. The impact was so powerful that the mother lost her hold on her children, but she never stopped believing that God would keep them safe.

The next story is about a young boy from Florida who suffered from a horrific lawn mower accident. His parents were forced to make the heartbreaking decision of allowing the amputation of their son's leg. But on the day of the operation, their son saw something on their way to the hospital that would change his and his family's life for good.

For the other episodes, "Answered Prayers" will also share the story of a young boy who managed to survive after being buried under 11 feet of sand for hours, a pastor who was stabbed 37 times, and a family that survived even after their car plunged upside down into an icy river bank.

"With authenticity, insight, compassion and heart, the astounding stories featured on 'Answered Prayers' will leave even the most sceptical viewer considering if a divine force was at work," the press release further said.

The show will premiere on July 26, Sunday, at 10 p.m.