Rolls-Royce one of UK's most faith-friendly workplaces

(Photo: Unsplash/Alev Takil)

Rolls Royce is one of the best workplaces in the UK for workers with a faith or belief, according to a new index. 

It scored top points in the first UK edition of the corporate Religious Equity, Diversity & Inclusion (REDI) Index and Monitor alongside management consulting firm Baringa Partners LLP.

They are being honoured today at the first Faith at Work Conference, being held at the London Salesforce Tower by the Religious Freedom and Business Foundation.

The foundation said that both organisations had "fully integrated religion (including non-theistic beliefs) as part of their commitments to diversity, equity and inclusion".

"In doing so they have created workplaces where employees of all faiths and beliefs feel a sense of belonging, which is a benefit to retention, recruitment and ultimately revenue," it said. 

The index scores companies on a range of policies, among them the inclusion of religion in diversity training, how well they accommodate the religious needs of employees, and being attentive to how religion impacts stakeholders.

Rolls Royce and Baringa are followed in the REDI index by Ovo Energy, NATS and Thames Water.

In addition to Rolls Royce, the top 10 faith-friendly firms listed on the FTSE 100 includes BT Group, Schroders, Whitbread, HSBC, Ocado Group, Phoenix, Anglo American, United Utilities and St James Place.

The Faith at Work Conference being held today will explore how businesses that embrace a faith and belief-inclusive culture can gain a competitive advantage in talent acquisition, retention and overall productivity. 

Research by the Religious Freedom and Business Foundation found that while most FTSE 100 companies have one or more employee resource groups for race, abilities, gender and sexual orientation, only 12 per cent have any for religion or belief. 

The foundation said the data showed that "much more attention needs to be placed on including religion and belief" in diversity policies.