'Rick and Morty' season 2: Stephen Colbert to guest start, series to return in mid-2015

Facebook: Rick and Morty

Not much is known about "Rick and Morty" season 2, except that it will definitely be back on air this coming year and fans are eagerly waiting for its return.

Despite the lack of news, iDigitalTimes was able to get new details about season 2. It appears that Stephen Colbert from "The Colbert Report" will be guesting in the animated show in its new season. There's no denying that Colbert has plenty of time on his hands right now. 

Colbert hosted his own late-night political comedy program, but when David Letterman announced his retirement from "Late Show with David Letterman," Colbert has been set to take over. That won't be for several months though (around August or September). Nonetheless, fans will be happy to know that the comedy host won't be gone from TV too long because he will be returning with "Rick and Morty" season 2 come 2015. He will be lending his voice, much to everyone's delight. 

Further, the release date is more or less confirmed already. When a Twitter follower asked when season 2 will come out, @RickandMorty replied "Mid 2015, DAWG." 

But aside from Colbert guesting in the show, there's another guest appearance worth noting. Werner Herzog from "Battlestar Galactica" will also be lending his voice for a character in the show. Herzog is no stranger to Adult Swim, he has been in "Metalocalypse" before. 

Colbert and Herzog are two awesome things to watch out for in season 2. But given the lack of spoilers and details, fans may want to focus their attention on the "Rick and Morty" season 1 Blu-Ray for the meantime. Additionally, the "Rick and Morty" game has officially been launched, too. "Jerry's Game" is already out and available for download to all Android and iOS users. These two things should keep fans busy in the following months, or at least until a new buzz about the show is revealed.