Rick Warren embraces radio to tackle discouragement

After resisting radio for 32 years, Purpose Driven author and Saddleback pastor Rick Warren has finally given in and launched a new "Daily Hope" radio programme.

The 25-minute programme and one-minute teaching spot was due to go on air for the first time on Monday.

The message from Warren is designed to encourage and equip people in fulfilling God's purposes for their life.

"For 32 years, I said 'no' to radio because I felt God called me to preach to my local congregation rather than compete with other local churches for a national audience," said Warren.

"But one year ago, He began to put a burden on my heart and a passion for broadcast ministry, born from three deep convictions.

"First, in the wake of a weak economic recovery from recession, a high rate of joblessness, natural disasters, painful school shootings and gridlock among political leaders, America is discouraged.

"With the coarsening of our society, there is a clear loss of civility, and more than ever before, people need to hear a message of hope found in the Gospel.

"Secondly, I am deeply concerned about the erosion of our first right of religious liberty in America, which needs to be protected.

"On every front – school campuses, businesses, hospitals and even churches – secularists in government are increasingly trying to limit, undermine and even outlaw historic protections of our religious freedoms, which will likely become the civil rights issue of the next decade.

"Thirdly, taking the Gospel to the ends of the earth is our greatest goal, including reaching the remaining 2,900 unengaged tribes and people groups who have yet to hear that message.

"The 'Daily Hope' radio programme can expose listeners to the potential of involving themselves or their church in the PEACE Plan to help accomplish our '20/20 Vision' to reach every last tribe with the Gospel and a church by the year 2020."

The PEACE Plan is founded on these aims: Promote reconciliation - Equip servant leaders - Assist the poor - Care for the sick - Educate the next generation.

"Daily Hope" will be streamed daily at http://www.RickWarren.org