Rapper deals with Christians who fall away from the faith

S.O., the London raised Christian rapper, has been taking the UK gospel music scene by storm, coming onto the scene with the breathtaking "5 Solas Mixtape", which produced a feeling of great expectation about what S.O. was to release next.

Following the success that this mixtape brought, S.O. returned with the album "So It Begins" which led to the rapper becoming the first international artist signed to Lamp Mode Recordings, the independently owned and operated label based in Philadelphia, USA.

With the label's mission statement "highlighting the Character of God, while presenting the gospel of Jesus Christ and a biblical world view through Hip Hop culture", S.O. has clearly reflected this in his music, which can be seen through his first album and has remained consistent in the sequel "So It Continues".

The song "Memoirs", which has been taken from the "So It Continues" album, has been described as "one of the most heartfelt songs that S.O. has produced", addressing the harsh reality of professing Christians who fall away from the faith. This is something that is often experienced by many believers and leaves the rest of us aching with deep longing - desiring that they would return to Christ and come to accept the truth once more. The song is presented as a letter, one in which S.O. struggles to write to a beloved friend who has turned away.

The music video begins in a beautifully designed building, where we have S.O. sitting at a table. There is a softness portrayed in the instrumentation, which is beautifully accompanied by the serene movement of the camera, cinematography and compassion illustrated on S.O.'s face.

The audience is taken through a story which demonstrates the contrast of the relationship between him and the recipient of the letter. During the earlier stages of the music video, the audience is given insight into the nature of the relationship that S.O. and his friend had, and as the sequence progresses, we are shown how the dynamics of the relationship change as a direct result of S.O.'s friend neglecting that which is true.

The music video, which was produced by Paul Akinrinlola, is extremely heartfelt, and marries up perfectly with the gentleness and compassion of the lyrical content, as S.O. intimately presents his heart.

There is a dimness which is perceived by the audience throughout the video; a lack of light which provides us with the connotation of an absence of light in the heart and life of S.O.'s friend. S.O. reinforces this by his proclamation "how can what was found be lost again", a truth which is expressed throughout the book of 1 John and highlighted particularly in verses 6 and 7 of the first chapter.

This music video is a fitting introduction to what can be expected from S.O. for those who are yet to enjoy and be blessed by his music. I would, therefore, implore those who enjoy this creative and intricately arranged video to delve into the rest of S.O.'s productions, expecting to be educated and inspired to grow in the knowledge of God.

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