Religious workers have higher job satisfaction, study finds

(Photo: Getty/iStock)

British workers with a faith are more trusting, satisfied and optimistic than their atheist counterparts, a new study shows.

The research by the Institute for the Impact of Faith in Life (IIFL) looked at the experiences of 2,004 workers across the UK.

Over three quarters (77%) of workers who identified as religious said they were satisfied with their job, compared to only half of atheists.

Religious workers were also far more trusting of their colleagues than atheists (77% vs 49%).

Although confidence in the economy was low for both, religious workers were more likely to feel optimistic (35%) than atheists (16%).

The report was authored by the IIFL's Dr Rakib Ehsan, who said, "The fact that religious Britons are notably more likely to be satisfied with their job than non-believers could be down to a number of factors.

"There is mounting evidence that faith can contribute towards psychological resilience and mental strength. This can position one to better withstand the inevitable pressures that come with working life - in turn consolidating levels of job satisfaction.

"It is also possible that employer accommodation of religious practices and spiritual beliefs plays a critical part in shaping job satisfaction among workers of faith.

"Britain's world-leading anti-discrimination protections and considerable religious freedoms have fostered a broader workplace culture which is generally accommodating of those of faith.

"This should be a source of national pride."