'Reign' season 4 spoilers, air date: Mary finally heading back to Scottish homeland?

Adelaide Kane as Mary in "Reign"Ben Mark Holzberg/The CW

"Reign" season 4 might finally see Mary (Adelaide Kane) back in Scotland. The Queen's adventures and problems have gotten her out of her land, but she might be back soon.

When the show was renewed earlier this year, CW President Mark Pedowitz revealed one of the reasons why the historical drama was given another year in the small screen.

"We've got to find out if she goes back to Scotland," Pedowitz said during the Golden Globes, as quoted by Variety.

This is certainly the question that fans have always wanted an answer to, and it looks like they are getting it in "Reign" season 4. Scotland needs Mary more than ever.

Violence and war plagued the country and ultimately divided it. In the previous season, the negative change was clearly emphasized and will continue in "Reign" season 4.

Some fans felt like the show is in a slow pace in terms of Mary's return to Scotland. Seeing her back there is something that they have been longing for.

In addition to that, this exciting development might just be the boost the show needs in order to stay on air. There are reports stating that "Reign" season 4 will see the last of Mary's story.

Its ratings and viewership have been constantly dwindling over the years that its renewal surprised many. The new season is also only getting 16 episodes, a couple fewer than the third season.

Fans will remember that the first two seasons were 22-episode long and it appears that The CW is looking to axe the show after "Reign" season 4. However, there is no confirmation about that yet.

For now, fans can look forward to watching Mary move on from the death of her husband Francis (Toby Regbo) with a couple of new suitors set to sweep her off her feet in the new season.

"Reign" season 4 premieres next year on The CW.