'Red Dead Redemption 2' release rumors: game to be called 'Legends of the West'?

Red Dead RedemptionRockstar

Recent Reddit leaks revealed important details about "Red Dead Redemption 2," the highly-anticipated open world, western-themed action-adventure video game. The leaks involve its possible release sometime this year and the title it will go with when it eventually comes out.  

Shinobi602, a devoted leakster of all things video games, says that the greatly-demanded sequel will show up before 2015 ends. He claims that the information comes from someone working for Rockstar, the developer supposedly working on the follow-up. 

Meanwhile, another Reddit user claiming to be a former employee in the game studio, revealed that the game will be called "Red Dead Redemption 2: Legends of the West" and even though it is the newest one in the franchise, it is actually a prequel. 

"Although it is the second (or third if you consider Undead Nightmare a sequel) game, it is chronologically before the original game," the leakster explained, adding that Rockstar left the location unchanged and that the game is set twelve years before the original title. 

The alleged Rockstar employee also added that "Red Dead Redemption 2" will have three playable characters. Irish and Seth will return, and another completely new and customizable one will join the duo. 

The game is also said to allow players to pick their name, their garb, and the breed of horse they'd like to have as a companion. But contrary to what Shinobi602 claims, the leakster said that the game, which was apparently in development for three and a half years, will be released next year. 

Meanwhile, there have been persistent rumors about the possibility of bringing revenge into play. Movie Pilot suggests that the son of gun-slinging protagonist John Marston will grace "Red Dead Redemption 2," driven by his yearning to avenge his beloved father. The site calls it "Red Dead Revenge." 

For now, Rockstar has yet to make things official, let alone settle on a release date. If the game is indeed in the works, Rockstar would tell more about it in the near future.