Rebecca St. James' home spared as California wildfire stops feet from house: "Total miracle"

Rebecca St. JamesTwitter/Rebecca St. James

Gospel singer Rebecca St. James' Los Angeles home has been spared from the blazing wildfire.

On Wednesday evening, the Christian artist and her family were ordered to evacuate their home in California.

A message on the 36-year-old's Facebook account read: "Prayers needed! Rebecca was just evacuated from her home in CA due to a wildfire. We just received this from her: "We may have lost our house and everything we own to a fire today... I saw the 2 story flames a few hundred yards away... Please pray for us. I got out with Gemma, our dog and a baby book in the car when police were arriving ordering evacuation." She's safe and at her parents-in-law now, but we do not yet know the status of their house. Praise God for safety. Prayers would be greatly appreciated. -RSJ Team"

Thankfully, James' house was spared just inches from the wildfire. The fire burned her neighbors' homes and even burned down a tree in her front yard, but her home was spared.

Rebecca St. James/Facebook

Another update on the singer's Facebook page reads: "Hi everyone, We've received an update from Rebecca: A tree in our front yard was burnt and a water pipe burst, but our house is ok! Sounds like the fire came right to our back fence. It's a total miracle cause the wind changed right when the fires were about to take over our house. You can see the proof when you look at where the fire stopped, 3 feet from our back fence. The fire was a 2-3 story wall of flame, only meters away from our home! Apparently a few of our neighbors stayed to help fight the fire, which is a big reason why most of the houses on our street were saved. Unfortunately our neighbors three doors away lost their house, so please keep praying for that family. Thanks to you all for your prayers. They are greatly appreciated! -RSJ Team."