Kendall Jenner news: model and reality star says she's '100 percent' Christian, believes God has a plan for her

Reality TV star and model Kendall Jenner says that although she was not raised in a Christian home she was 'definitely taught—even by my sisters—to believe in God.'Reuters

Reality TV star Kendall Jenner of "Keeping Up With the Kardashians" has proudly proclaimed that she is "100 percent" Christian and has vowed to do God proud by doing good deeds.

Jenner reveals on her website that she was not raised in a Christian home, and that her family would only attend church services on holidays such as Christmas and Easter.

However, the model says she was "definitely taught—even by my sisters—to believe in God," and she feels grateful for those lessons.

"Also, to believe that He has a plan," Jenner adds. "Even though I'm more spiritual than religious, I pray every night. It's most important to me, though, just to be good in your heart and do good in the world."

The 19-year-old beauty is the daughter of former Olympian Bruce Jenner (who now goes by the name Caitlyn Jenner) and Kris Kardashian.

Bruce shocked the world when he came out as a trans woman in 2015. Even his family had a tough time coming to terms with his decision.

"My dad says it herself sometimes, it's kind of like mourning the loss of someone, because it is," Jenner earlier told WND. "My dad is my dad, but he's not there physically anymore. But she lets me call her dad—that's the last little piece of dad I've got."

"It's an adjustment. It's something you have to get used to. But I've known since I was a kid," she added. "He never confirmed it to me, but I've known for a very long time. It's the same person."

The Kardashian clan might find it acceptable for Bruce to now identify himself as Caitlyn, but several Christians have objected to his transition, including Rev. Franklin Graham. He called Jenner a "very confused" person, and he stressed that it is wrong for people to laud him as a hero for wanting to be a woman.