'Ray Donovan' season 3 spoilers: Katie Holmes talks about her character

[Photo credit: Ray Doovan | Showtime]

Anticipation for "Ray Donovan" season 3 is escalating as the show has garnered critical acclaim all across the board, with many fans hailing it as the next best crime series since "True Detective" and "Boardwalk Empire." One of the most highly anticipated additions to the upcoming season is Katie Holmes, who will portray Paige Finney. 

She isn't alone though. The multi-award winning actress is also being joined by the iconic Ian McShane as Paige's father, Andrew Finney. Andrew is a multi-billionaire producer who hires Ray for a few dealings. Eventually, it is just a matter of time before Paige contacts Ray herself. According to a report from People, Paige is struggling to make her stamp in the family business.

In her statement, Holmes explained, "The Finney family is a very powerful family. They serve as a symbol of big money and big business."

Paige doesn't fear anyone but her name and her boldness could string up trouble when she gets entangled with Ray. This can only mean that things will get ugly. It has been speculated that she will be hiring Ray behind her father's back so this might draw out some family drama and any fan of the show will know that adding family drama to business is never a good idea. 

One thing that does have fans worried is the absence of writer Ann Biderman. She has been a writer for the series since season 1 but according to a report from EnStarz, she is stepping down and now a new team will take over. The strength of a show relies heavily on good writing and Biderman's quick and witty style might be noticeably gone in season 3.

However, Biderman will remain as an executive consultant for the show and this means the transition will go a little better than expected. 

"Ray Donovan" season 3 premieres this July 12.