Ravi Zacharias' daughter starts new ministry

RZIM CEO Sarah Davis

Sarah Davis, the daughter of disgraced apologist Ravi Zacharias, has left the ministry her father founded and launched one of her own.

During her tenure as RZIM CEO over the last two years, the apologetics ministry was rocked by an investigation and subsequent report detailing evidence of sexual misconduct by Zacharias, who died in 2020. 

RZIM's international network reeled from the revelations, with Canada closing down and the UK breaking away.

Davis' own leadership of the organization came under intense scrutiny during this time but she had remained in post until now. 

According to US magazine Christianity Today, she has now quit RZIM and filed articles of incorporation in the state of Georgia to launch an apologetics ministry of her own. 

The ministry has been named Encounter Inc and has the stated aim of "carrying the Gospel invitation to individuals". 

It is reported that she will be joined by former RZIM apologists Alycia Wood, Alexandra "Xandra" Carroll and Louis Phillips.

The venture has been criticized by former RZIM PR manager, Ruth Malhotra, and former RZIM director, Carson Weitnauer saying in separate Twitter posts that they were "disappointed" by the news. 

In a statement in May, Davis admitted she had made "serious errors that only furthered deep wounds" in her handling of allegations against her father.

"I am utterly devastated. I am sorry I did not see you. I am sorry that you were made powerless and rendered voiceless," she said.