Rapper DMX gives up life of sin to become man of God

'When I do become a pastor, I don't think I'm going to lose fans, I think I'm going to gain more,' says rapper DMX.(Facebook/DMX)

Rapper Earl Simmons, better known for his stage name DMX, has lived a controversial life. He has been arrested several times due to animal cruelty, reckless driving, drug possession, and identity falsification. Not only that, but DMX also fathered 12 children with different women.

But in 2012, DMX received a calling from God to become a pastor. The rapper underwent a 180-degree transformation as he gave up his past sinful life to become a man of God. He is now a transitional deacon in the Christian Church and hopes to become an ordained pastor one day.

"That's definitely the final destination. Or, a destination. You never know how far God is going to allow me to get or how many people He is going to allow me to reach," the 45-year-old rapper told the syndicated morning radio show "The Breakfast Club." "Before I go onstage, I pray that I'm able to just touch one person. If I'm able to touch just one person, then I've done something wonderful with my life, not just that moment."

DMX said God propelled his musical career in the past so that he can create the platform for his ministry now. The rapper also believes that he will gain even more fans now, since those who did not like the curse words found in his old songs will certainly like his new material, such as "Lord We Thank You."

"When I do become a pastor, I don't think I'm going to lose fans, I think I'm going to gain more," he said. "Because of the music, because of the [cursing], it stops them from listening to the music. The message is way more important than music."

DMX credits God for helping him overcome his life's biggest challenges, such as drug addiction. He knows he will face a lot more road bumps in life, but with God on his side, DMX is confident he can overcome anything.

"I still might have some bumps to go over but at the end of the day I know who's going to get the victory," he said.