Questions to Ask Your Muslim Friends

A new book is being launched to help Christians reach out to their Muslim neighbours and friends.

Questions to Ask Your Muslim Friends is being launched on Thursday at The London Institute for Contemporary Christianity.

The book, by Wilberforce Publications, is aimed at Christians who struggle to know how to speak to Muslims and answer their questions about the divinity of Christ, the Trinity and the validity of the Bible. 

It also explores the Muslim faith, its teachings and what is written in the Quran. 

The book is penned by Beth Peltola, CEO and lecturer at the One Truth Project, and Tim Dieppe, head of public policy at Christian Concern.

"Many Christians don't know where to start in conversations with Muslims about faith. This book will encourage and inspire you to have the courage to discuss your faith with your Muslim friends," said Dieppe.

"Jesus engaged people with probing questions. This book is modelled on Jesus's own method of reaching people with the gospel. Starting with questions requiring no knowledge, and moving on to questions about what the Qur'an teaches, this book will help Christians engage their Muslim friends in conversations about faith.

"We all want to see the increasing numbers of Muslims in this country come to faith in Jesus, and many are doing so. This book will help to equip and encourage Christians to reach their Muslim neighbours and friends for Christ by engaging them in conversations about faith."

Graham Nicholls, director of Affinity, is encouraging Christians to read the book.

"For anyone who might be daunted by the idea of speaking with Muslims about Jesus Christ, here is an excellent resource with a whole series of questions for conversation starters arranged in a simple set of topics," he said.

"It is full of ideas and information and explanations, presented simply and briefly, and does not demand an expert knowledge of Islam. As someone who has engaged in this kind of evangelism, I can see that it could be a really useful resource, and I warmly commend it."