Putin's initiative: Russia outlaws distorted, anti-Semitic interpretation of the Bible

Russian President Vladimir Putin has long made public his opposition to anti-Semitism.Reuters

Christians consider the Holy Bible as their most sacred book, but some individuals can also distort the meaning of its verses to persecute other religious groups, such as Jews.

Known for his strong stance against anti-Semitism, Russian President Vladimir Putin initiated a measure that seeks to outlaw "distorted and or extremist" interpretation of the Bible.

Russia's Parliament, the Duma, supported Putin's initiative and swiftly passed the bill against anti-Semitic biblical commentary into law.

Russia's Chief Rabbi Berel Lazar thanked Putin's administration for the legislation. Lazar particularly praised Putin for being someone who always "bodily blocks all anti-Semitic phenomena," according to a report by the Israel National News.

The chief rabbi also lauded the Russian Parliament for "proving that Russia respects the beliefs of all its citizens.

Throughout history, Russia has seen many instances when individuals with anti-Semitic views announced "shocking new revelations" either from the Holy Bible or Rabbinic writings, with the end goal of encouraging violence towards the Jews.

Jews in Russia have also been accused of plots to control the world and taking over the media.

Putin has long made public his opposition to anti-Semitism, and this approach seemed to have paid off, with the decreasing number of violent attacks against Jews in Russia under his administration.

But even while maintaining friendly ties with Israel, President Putin's administration has also kept diplomatic relationships with Iran.

Putin's strong anti-Semitic stand has kept Russians and even the international community curious as to why this is so. Some suggest that his early exposure to Jewish communities and traditions during his youth in St. Petersburg has contributed to his appreciation of the religion.

When he was vice-mayor of the Russian capital, Putin also advocated for the opening of a Jewish school in the area, even though he had no authority to do so.