Priest plays Amazing Grace full blast from his car to 'lift spirits' during coronavirus lockdown

Pat Allerton, aka The Portabello Priest, surprised residents by playing Amazing Grace at full volume from his car(Photo: Instagram/Pat Allerton)

With churches encouraged to get creative in reaching people during the coronavirus lockdown, one London pastor did just that by driving down a residential street and playing the classic hymn "Amazing Grace" at full volume from the back of his car.

Pat Allerton, the vicar of St Peter's, Notting Hill, shared the moment on Instagram, joking that he hoped it wouldn't annoy the neighbours too much. 

Explaining the venture, he said he wanted to "try and lift spirits at this difficult time". 

"The vision is to go round the different streets in the parish, starting with the Portabello Road right here, and to set up a speaker system and invite everyone from the comfort of their own homes and safety, or perhaps their doorway to join in in singing an old classic favourite hymn," he said. 

In the video, Allerton parks up at the side of a deserted road, with an apartment building on one side and terraced housing on the other. 

Speaking through a loudspeaker, he told residents: "I'm not going to preach at you but I did feel we need to have our spirits lifted."

Inviting them to look up the lyrics on their phones or tablets, he said: "My hope is that as we sing this together, it will be something that brings us together, lifts our spirits and gives us a bit of hope in these difficult times, and ultimately points us to the God who loves us and sent His Son Jesus Christ to die for and give us new life."