'Power' season 3 spoilers: Ghost sees a new business opportunity while Kanan prepares for a 'rematch' in episode 3 'I Got This on Lock'

A screenshot of Ghost from the "Power" season 3 episode 3 trailerYouTube/Starz

"Power" season 3 was off to a spectacular start, with the premiere hailed as the most watched episode of a Starz original series to date. The action continues in episode 3, titled "I Got This on Lock."

During this episode, Ghost (Omari Hardwick) continues his bid to be the biggest man in the nightlife business, but his dark past just won't let him.

In "Power" season 3, episode 3, Ghost comes across an opportunity to boost his clubs, but it appears that his sinister history would not let him get what he desires.

Meanwhile, Ghost and Tommy's (Joseph Sikora) hostility toward each other worsens, as fans saw in the previous episode, where Tommy was prompted to kill him.

However, the promo for "Power" season 3, episode 3 teases the two will meet face to face again. It does not look like Tommy wants to talk anymore though.

One scene in the teaser showed Ghost pondering about how this war between him and Tommy began. He says to Angela (Lela Loren), "I had to pick between Tommy and you."

Meanwhile, "Power" season 3, episode 3 is also teasing a "rematch." Kanan (50 Cent) can be seen preparing himself for a brawl, declaring a second go of a fight with someone.

Kanan looked like he is out for blood and whoever made the mistake of crossing him might realize the hard and painful way in "Power" season 3, episode 3 that he should not have done so.

Meanwhile, apart from Tommy, Ghost also has another enemy in the making to worry about and that is Tasha (Naturi Naughton), who definitely did not love the idea of raising her and Ghost's child on her own.

"Power" season 3, episode 3 will see her up to no good. As the synopsis reads, "Tommy reunites with Tasha in a scheme, while he also attempts to keep a contact under control."

"Power" season 3, episode 3 "I Got This on Lock" airs Sunday, July 31 at 9 p.m. ET on Starz.