'Power Rangers Ninja Steal' spoilers: Season finale leaks online

A screenshot from the television show "Power Rangers Ninja Steel."Facebook/powerrangers

"Power Rangers Ninja Steel" already has 13 episodes out, with an estimated seven more to go, eventually wrapping up in December. However, websites have been circulating rumors of spoilers for every episode left, including major plot points of the story.

Gulli, which is a French website that focuses on television shows, managed to post a brief synopsis-like article about the final episode of "Power Rangers Ninja Steel." They stated that the show's main antagonist, Galvanax obtains the ninja's stars with a powerful giant magnet so that he can have a better chance of controlling the universe. At the last minute, as Galvanax is about to complete his task, Brody Romero, played by William Shewfelt destroys his own star.

Brody did this because he thought that he would rather give up his own star rather than just allow Galvanax to use it for evil purposes. Three Red Rangers then emerge, and manage to defeat Galvanax with the help of Madame Odious, played by Jacque Drew, who betrays Galvanax in the end. The first season will end well and wrap up with no cliffhangers if this is true, but will there be any more villains that will arise to take over the universe?

This is the full summary given by the French website, but is this information accurate? According to Power Rangers Now, it is safe to assume that Galvanax will be gone for good when the first season ends. Additionally, Master Dane played by Mike Edward, and Mick Kanic played by Kelson Henderson, will be the other two Red Rangers that will help defeat Galvanax. After the finale, the two will not be expected to morph into rangers ever again.

Furthermore, it was also reported that the series will finish airing in Spain on Sept. 17, which means that the full story will be up even before Nickelodeon fans get to see the finale in December. As much as the show has a loyal following, Den of Geek has expressed their opinions on the show saying that some of the content is outdated. They stated that the show takes too many cues from 90s movies and television shows of the same genre.

They compared the show to the likes of "Steven Universe," which is another show on Nickelodeon which they referred to as a good point of reference of a quality show. "Power Rangers Ninja Steel" is set to be released in 2018, but if the reception of season 1 is not generally good, fans will start to wonder if the project will push through.

"Power Rangers Ninja Steel" episode 14 will air on Sept. 16 at 12 p.m. EDT on Nickelodeon.