Pope reveals burial plans

(Photo: Alamy)

Pope Francis has already made plans for his funeral and burial, he revealed this week.

The Pope shared his plans in an interview with Mexican TV programme, "N+", ahead of his 87th birthday on Sunday.

A place has already been prepared in the Basilica of St Mary Major in Rome and he has chosen the church "because of my great devotion", he said.

His choice will mark a break from his predecessors who for over a century have been buried in St Peter's Basilica.

The plans are being drawn up with Vatican master of ceremonies, Archbishop Diego Ravelli.

Pope Francis said they had "simplified" the papal funeral rites "quite a bit".

During the interview, he suggested he was open to resigning like his predecessor Benedict XVI if he felt it was the Lord's will.

"I ask the Lord to say enough, at some point, but when he wants me to," he said.

He also opened up about his recent ill-health which caused him to call off a planned visit to Dubai to join a faith gathering during the COP28 talks.

He said there were some "limits" on travelling but that he was feeling better.

"I feel good, I feel improved. Sometimes I'm told I'm imprudent because I feel like doing things and moving around. But I guess those are good signs, no? I am quite well," he said.