Popcorn Time news 2016: Torrent site remains active as apps go online

The ongoing battle against content piracy, particularly torrent and streaming sites, seems to be in a stalemate once again. Although a number of efforts have tried to ban the presence of download and streaming sites, fan favorites such as Popcorn Time remain alive as it is revealed that the apps for the website have gone live once again.

Popcorn Time site

According to Torrent Freak, it has been at least four months since Popcorntime.io had any activity as the website has already shut down its operations. However, the industry follower said that part of the team wanted the website to continue, as evidenced by the comeback of some apps on the movie streaming site.

Recently, the main website fork for Popcorn Time reportedly went online, updating the app versions from a "Hail Hydra" installer. After the update, the movie streaming apps on the site went fully operational without encountering any issues.

This is a blow to the Motion Picture Association of America, which previously took credit for Popcorn Time's shutdown.

Meanwhile, Yibada reported that as part of the resurrected operation, the new Popcorn Time will offer the same streaming service as the old one. This means that all streamed content will be viewed as a Bittorrent app download. However, the industry follower said that a major change to the website is its domain, as Popcorn Time will now be accessed via its popcorntime.sh domain.

It remains to be seen if the new Popcorn Time is just another fork on the original website, or if this new domain will now serve as the official website. According to The Verge, the popcorntime.io domain is the only fork of the original Popcorn Time, and most of the original members of its admin team drifted apart when it was first discontinued in early 2014. There are a variety of other Popcorn Time forks but the .io domain still served as the official website until it closed down.