Police investigating abortion of 28-week-old baby at home


Police are reportedly investigating the death of a baby terminated by its mother at home when she was 28 weeks pregnant.

The Sun reports that the baby's death is being investigated by a Midlands coroner and that police have been informed. 

The legal limit for an abortion in the UK is 24 weeks, but the time limit on taking abortion pills at home during the lockdown is 10 weeks. 

Before the lockdown, women could only have a termination in a hospital or at an abortion clinic, but the Government relaxed the rules during the coronavirus pandemic. 

The temporary measures mean that women can take both pills at home up to 10 weeks without having to go to a hospital or clinic. 

Abortion providers like BPAS have been offering a mail delivery service to send abortion pills to women at their homes during the lockdown. 

'DIY' abortions are being challenged by Christian Concern, which is taking its legal case to the Court of Appeal after it failed in its bid to secure a judicial review into the measures.

The campaign group is asking Christians to write to their MPs to call for an immediate end to the policy. 

"Pro-abortion campaigners have always said that legalising abortion is essential to avoid backstreet abortions. Now they are pressuring the government for policies that give women that exact service – no proper medical oversight," it said.

"The policy was always said to be a temporary measure under lockdown. Since the decision was made, some lockdown measures have already been relaxed.

"The conditions under which these dangerous abortions were allowed have now substantially changed, meaning the Health Secretary should urgently reverse this policy."