Police Officer's Prayer Helps Save Life of Baby With Heart Disease

Jacquelynne Olmedo and her 2-year-old son Michael Aydan are joined by Harris County Deputy Manuel Edwards at the Texas Children's Hospital.(Facebook/Prayer for Michael Aydans Miracle Heart)

A police officer's prayer helped save the life of a child who suffered from a serious heart ailment, the mother of the child said.

The Daily Mail recently reported how the mother, Jacquelynne Olmedo, rushed last week to the Texas Children's Hospital after her two-year-old son, Michael, turned blue. The child had been diagnosed with congenital heart disease.

While driving to the medical facility, Jacquelynne spotted Harris County Deputy Manuel Edwards, prompting her to pull over and ask for his help. The police officer then used his radio to call for assistance.

The police back-up that Edwards called, however, was not the one that helped saved the child. Seeing how frazzled Jacquelynne was, the police officer asked her to pray with him for the little child's life.

"He called in for help and did something that I was not expecting. He grabbed my hands and started praying. He said 'Believe and trust that this is going to 'pass and that God is with him and all of us right now,'" Mrs. Olmedo recalled, as quoted by The Daily Mail.

"He then went back into officer mode and got us to safety off the freeway until the ambulance got there," she added.

Just a few minutes after Jacquelynne and Deputy Edwards prayed together, Michael began moving around "like nothing happened," according to the report.

Jacquelynne is convinced that the prayer the police officer initiated saved her child's life. "I think that at that moment, it really did something," she said.

Deputy Edwards, for his part, said he asked Mrs. Olmedo to pray with him during that moment primarily to calm her down. He also shared that he lost his own baby granddaughter just a year ago.

The police officer recently visited Michael in his hospital room, complete with balloons to cheer up the little boy now recovering from his recent health scare.