'Pokemon Z' news: Game now replaced by 'Pokemon Sun' and 'Pokemoon Moon?'

Pokemon Sun and Moon logosThe Pokemon Company/Nintendo

With the recent announcement of "Pokemon Sun" and "Pokemon Moon," it is now widely speculated that the long rumored "Pokemon Z" may no longer happen. The two new games are now accepted as the games the developers have been working on since last year but that doesn't mean everything from "Pokemon Z" is gone.

As stated in a report from Yibada, it is possible that the rumored elements of "Pokemon Z" would make their way into "Pokemon Sun" and "Pokemoon Moon," which further emphasizes that the two are replacing the rumored game. These elements include the addition of multiple Zygarde forms and the introduction of new Legendary Pokemon such as Volcanion and Magearna.

It was previously reported that the multiple forms of Zygarde may be featured as the main Legendary in "Pokemon Z" but may now just be another collectible Legendary in "Pokemon Sun" and "Pokemon Moon," games which will undoubtly have their own new Legendary creatures included.

However, many fans point out that "Pokemon Sun" and "Pokemon Moon" replacing "Pokemon Z" should come as no surprise given that The Pokemon Company has not released a third game in any of the main line of "Pokemon" games since "Pokemon Platinum" was released to accompany "Pokemon Diamond and Pearl."

All the games that succeeded no longer had a third version. "Pokemon Black" and "Pokemon White" were succeeded by "Pokemon Black 2" and "Pokemon White 2" and "Pokemon X" and "Pokemon Y" have yet to get any confirmation regarding "Pokemon Z." The enhanced remake of "Pokemon Ruby" and "Pokemon Sapphire" were not accompanied by a remake of "Pokemon Emerald."

The likelihood of "Pokemon Z" releasing decreases even further when considering that The Pokemon Company and Nintendo do not go back a generation after releasing a new game. "Pokemon Sun" and "Pokemon Moon" are likely to introduce a bevy of new Pokemon to the official PokeDex list, giving the developers no reason to revisit an older game with fewer features.

"Pokemon Sun" and "Pokemon Moon" will release by the holidays this year.