'Pokemon GO' release date: Nintendo, Niantic finally delivers its latest AR game

First look at "Pokemon GO"Niantic/The Pokemon Company

The much-awaited augmented-reality game "Pokémon GO" has now officially rolled out. However, the game enjoys a limited release to date, as developers say that the game will be "shaped by players."

The first augmented-reality game for one of Nintendo's top franchises, "Pokémon GO" has appeared in the listings on both iTunes and Google Play Store. However, developer Niantic may have a staggered release in mind, since most fans get download errors like the game being incompatible with the device (even on newer handsets), or that the title is presently unavailable in the region. However, in regions who participated in the beta release – Australia and New Zealand, Japan, and North America – users can easily download and install the game without problems.

"Pokémon GO" is the collaboration between developer Niantic and Nintendo. The dev team patterned the game after Niantic's other AR title, "Ingress." In "Pokémon GO," players can capture Pokémon in real-world locations, and each area will have specific Pokémon types. For example, spots near the water like lakes, fountains, and such will reflect water-type Pokémon, while fields can show grass-type ones. Niantic and Nintendo are also developing a companion accessory for players called "Pokémon GO Plus," which will come out as a smart "tracker" that will alert players with game-related events.

Meanwhile, although gameplay has been straight-forward taken from the show adaptation, "Pokémon GO" is said to be incomplete, with Pokémon training getting the focus at this time. The developers say that the title is evolving, particularly its multiplayer feature.

Archit Bhargava of Niantic tells Gamespot, "So far we've learned that multiplayer battles are a lot of fun. When two people from different teams show up at a rival gym, if they collaborate and both have their Pokémon deployed to battle at the same time, they can take down a stronger gym faster."