'Pokemon GO' Gen 3 release date rumors: Is July the month?

Facebook/PokemonGOA promotional photo for "Pokemon GO"

When the much-talked-about "Pokemon GO" Gen 3 pokemon are coming continue to be anybody's guess. However, there is one speculation suggesting that "Pokemon GO" Gen 3 release might come as early as July 22, when gamers are expected to converge in Chicago for the Pokemon Go Fest 2017.

According to Inquisitr, the timing is similar to when Niantic released "Pokemon GO" Gen 2, which came out about seven months after the game was launched last year. Based on this information, Inquisitr stated that if it took more or less six months to develop Gen 2, then it may have taken Niantic the same amount of time to come up with Gen 3. Under that premise, July might just be the month when the millions of fans of the game will see the arrival of the Gen 3 pokemon.

Nevertheless, without an official announcement from Niantic, everything is speculative at best. Even Niantic chief executive officer and founder John Hanke did not specifically mention the "Pokemon GO" Gen 3 release when he recently had a short anniversary interview with CNET.

In the CNET interview, Hanke said that the immediate plan of the company is to build on the gyms and raid features. The closest thing that could tie Inquisitr's speculation to Niantic's plans is Hanke's revelation of what to expect for Pokemon GO Fest.

"Our focus for the duration of the summer is really around taking the gyms and raid feature we just launched and expanding on that with large events. We have a plan for Chicago [Niantic's Pokemon Go Fest] which will allow people at the event and outside of the event to play together in interesting ways," Hanke said.

With that, players can expect Pokemon GO to have additional social interaction features in the immediate feature. What could really excite players, though, are the player vs. player battles that are also on the horizon. "(Y)es, player vs. player battling and trading are things that we're looking at as next features. We haven't locked anything on that front yet, but those are things we've talked about before that are top of mind as things we might do next," Hanke stated.