'Pokemon Go' creator Niantic acknowledges raid bug that makes catching legendary Pokemon more difficult

"Pokemon Go" website"Pokemon Go" promotional photo

Developer Niantic acknowledges a bug that is proving to be problematic for "Pokemon Go" players around the world. The glitch causes players to miss their last chance to catch Pokemon after defeating them in Raid battles.

In its support website, the company posted an updated list of the game's known issues. "We are actively working to resolve an issue where the Raid Boss always breaks free from the last Premier Ball available," the update read.

Premier Balls are a special type of Poke Ball that are exclusive to the multiplayer raid mode. After successfully beating a Raid boss, a limited number of Premier Balls are given to players to attempt to catch it. However, due to the bug, the last Premier Ball always fails to capture the Pokemon.

This bug proves to be problematic as it affects legendary raid boss battles, which features hard-to-find legendary Pokemon that are only available for a set amount of time. These Pokemon also have low catch rate, meaning, they're hard to capture even after successfully beating them. In addition to their rarity, legendary Pokemon are also very powerful compared to regular Pokemon, so players usually team up to battle them in multiplayer raids.

The problem was first observed earlier this week and was reported by "Pokemon Go" players on Reddit.

To counteract the effects of the bug, Niantic is offering an extra Premier Ball to all players at the end of a Raid Battle. This will give players an increased chance of capturing the Raid bosses that they beat while the developer is working on an update to fix the bug.

Aside from the failing Premier Balls, Niantic will also be working on fixing a number of other glitches, including problems with the Gym Control bonus and the freezing incidence that happens to the app whenever a player uses a potion.