Plass and Lucas come together for first book - Seriously funny

Veteran authors Adrian Plass and Jeff Lucas have joined forces for the first time to write together, and their joint book, 'Seriously funny', is out this month from Authentic media.

Made up a letters between the two, 'Seriously funny' is an honest look at life, love, book-signings, Christian 'celebrity', church and the merits of Sussex bitter.

The emphasis on telling the truth runs strongly through the book – both men have made friends and enemies by being determined to tell it as it is.

Lucas comments: "We have tried to speak the truth in love, because when it is not in love, it is not the truth. People often say that it is refreshing to have some reality in the church, which is surprising when you consider that we are supposed to be following the Truth."

Plass agreed, saying: "It looked like a chance to explore the truth, a commodity that always causes problems when it creeps into the church.

"I wanted to know if a collision of our styles would produce sparks or bruises. And it was almost certainly going to be a laugh."

'Seriously funny - life, love and God: musings between two good friends' is now available, priced £8.99. The ISBN is 9781850788690.