Philadelphia 76ers NBA rumors: Is it time to trade Joel Embiid?

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It remains to be seen what the Philadelphia 76ers have planned for the coming NBA season with Joel Embiid out for the entire season once again. This would be the second consecutive year that Embiid will be in the sidelines, and this raises a lot of questions.

Among them include that of whether to keep Embiid and wait until next year or consider a trade for a healthy player who can deliver right away.

A potential player that the Sixers could consider doesn't have to be a big man. Apparently the Sixers have that covered when they surprisingly ended up with Jahlil Okafor in the recently conclude NBA Draft.

Okafor's availability came a bit of a shock to everyone and the Sixers would of course grab that chance. With his coming, the Sixers can do well in the coming season with Okafor and Nerlens Noel up front.

So why not address other areas like maybe the point guard position?

Of course, such is not a guarantee that the Sixers will do well in the coming season but another year of tanking seems to be a bit odd with the talented frontline they have (sans Embiid).

Should they choose, the Sixers could at least target the NBA playoffs, a place where they haven't been to since the 2011-12 season.

But the thing is, which team would take the risk for trading for an injured player? Right now that move seems unlikely so the Sixers may very well end up looking for a free agent in the market who could be interested.

There are still available unrestricted free agents in the market like Jason Terry, Luke Ridnour, or even Andre Miller whom they can consider.

Even though the names are not exactly the players who can make a difference, the Sixers could use their on-court veteran smarts with a bunch of young turks.