Xbox One Backward Compatibility news: Most popular games to be added to list of compatible games soon

Microsoft's Xbox One S presentationReuters/Kevork Djansezian

Xbox One owners have a wide range of games to choose from, and it's not only because of the extensive list of games created for the console but also because of its Backward Compatibility feature. The list continues to expand as Xbox continues to launch new backward compatible titles, and, soon, some games requested by fans will be included.

"Thanks, BC team just sent me their planned November list, looks to be a great BC month, landing some of top fan requests," Head of Xbox Phil Spencer tweeted, in response to a gamer who thanked the company for the feature.

While gamers will have to wait until the announcement to find out what titles Spencer was referring to, GameRant guesses that these could be games like "Mass Effect 2," "Grand Theft Auto IV," and other "Call of Duty" installments. Express also says that other games have been revealed before but have yet to be launched. These include "Skate 3," "BioShock," "BioShock 2," and "BioShock Infinite." The U.K. publication also mentions other popular titles that fans are hoping to get, like "Elder Scrolls 5" and "Batman: Arkham City."

Backward Compatibility allows owners of the current-generation console to play games designed for the older Xbox 360. The company has been consistent in releasing titles, sometimes adding two or three to the game library a week, and this has so far included popular games like "Red Dead Redemption," "Call of Duty; Black Ops," "Halo Wars," "Gears of War 3," and "Fallout 3." The games recently added include "Limbo," "Blue Dragon," "Killer is Dead," and "Shred Nebula." The list also includes "Rage," "Galaga Legions," and "The Orange Box," among many others.

Gamers who previously bought digital copies will find the titles in their games library, once they become available. On the other hand, those who bought physical copies can place the discs on their console and then download the game.