'People of darkness' want to destroy Germany, says woman who claims God spoke to her about her country's future

She had a vision of the refugee "disaster" now engulfing Germany even before the first signs of trouble broke out.

Heidi Mund, also known as the "brave German woman," told CBN News in a recent interview that even before the massive New Years' Eve sex attacks in Cologne and other cities, God spoke to her about her country's future.

"God gave me a vision two times. I saw a human prayer chain standing around Germany. I spoke out a warning that the young Muslim men would increase the raping rate," she said.

"I spoke out a warning, first to my brothers and sisters in Christ, that we need to pray against the raping. I told them we would face danger—especially our children, our girls, our women," she added.

Mund posted the warnings on her Facebook page, and because of that, she was investigated by the local prosecutor for hate speech.

But now all her warnings have come true. Germany is now faced with what some commentators call a rape epidemic.

With Muslim migrants now flooding her country, Mund believes that some of her country's leaders want to destroy Germany.

"I believe, I am really convinced, there are bad people of darkness who want to destroy us. They are servants of the devil," she told CBN News. "They are sick in their opinion and they don't care if it will cost lives or not, it will be bloody or not. They want to destroy; they want to take over."

Mund reserved her harshest criticism for German Chancellor Angela Merkel, the leader who threw open Germany's doors to more than a million migrants.

Mund said she and Merkel both grew up under communism in the former East Germany.

"I know who she is. For me, she is a wolf," she told CBN News.

"And people who think she's a Christian? She would not destroy her country? She would not destroy her people here? She is doing it here, right now," she said.

Mund sees Germany being plunged into chaos and war. She quickly added though that it may not yet be too late to stop this from happening.

CBN News asked her when it will be too late.

"I will tell you when it is too late," Mund replied. "It is too late when God has given us up."