People should be pro-choice, take a stand against abortion, says Franklin Graham

Franklin Graham says Planned Parenthood has done enough damage on the lives of Americans and it's time it is put out of business.(BGEA)

The clamour against abortion service provider Planned Parenthood is far from over, and Reverend Franklin Graham is strongly encouraging the government to start an investigation on the company and prosecute them for selling baby parts.

"If the nearly 60 million human beings who have been legally aborted in this country since Roe vs. Wade were here to vote, I'm pretty sure they'd say to pull the plug on any and all government funding of Planned Parenthood immediately," he wrote on his Facebook page.

Graham said people should be pro-choice and take a stand against those who are robbing the innocent of their right to choose. He quoted the Bible verse Joshua 24:15 which says: "Choose you this day whom you will serve."

"He wants us to choose Him and His ways; if we choose otherwise, we will face the consequences," the evangelist said.

He then urged the Church and its members to pray against the "ungodly decisions" that America's politicians and judges have made. "Planned Parenthood should be investigated and prosecuted for selling baby parts. Tell your Congressman that you don't want any more of your money going to fund this evil organisation and the promotion of abortions," he said.

Billy Graham's son pointed out that God views abortion as murder. He said he was not surprised to find out that Planned Parenthood sold organs, tissues, and body parts from babies because of their lack of conscience, but it's time for their action to be put to a stop.

"Planned Parenthood should be put out of business—they've done enough damage. Sin has an enormous price. Our nation will one day have to answer to God for the millions of innocent lives taken by abortion, and that applies to every politician who voted for and defended abortion," he said.